Simply put, artificial intelligence refers to the ability of machines to learn and make decisions based on data and analytics. When used strategically, AI has the potential to make a tremendous difference in the way we go about our work. 

When you think about artificial intelligence being used by businesses, your mind likely jumps to automation. While some applications of AI do involve automating processes that were originally completed by humans, that only scratches the surface of what AI and machine learning can do.

Artificial Intelligence in Small Businesss
AI can fit within nearly any business strategy. To get started with AI, it’s important to first gain an understanding of how data collection and analysis plays into artificial intelligence. By studying the methodology behind AI, you can better determine how AI might be able to help your industry. An introductory AI course such as Wharton Online’s Artificial Intelligence for Business program can be a great jumping-off point for anyone wanting to learn more about how AI is transforming the world of business.

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